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What guests have to say about us

One of the first restaurants in Tulum’s hotel zone, away from crowds and bustle, we are Khyra Tulum. The magnificent jungle that surrounds us sets the scene for our spectacular entrance.

Come and feel the wonderful mayan jungle, laid-back, and enjoy bohemian atmosphere. We are pleased to serve you and take care of you.

Both the food and the service are excellent at the restaurant. Marcos is quite friendly and is highly recommended. The dish was delivered really quickly, the ingredients are superb, and the preparation is top-notch.
Kent Levin
Montana, USA
Marco’s suggestion for traditional Mexican food was just what we got, and it was all fantastic. The environment is lovely and aesthetically stunning. We strongly recommend Khyra.
Alyse Booe
Harrisburg, IL
Unquestionably the best place in Tulum, my husband proposed to me there, and the staff was the ideal helper to ensure that everything went well.
Inside and out, the location is fascinating, and there is pleasant music playing. We were served by Marco, Carlos, and Baris, who gave us a service rating of 10, and they are the greatest, most attentive crew. They truly make you feel at home.
Lesley Purdy
Las Vegas, NV
The meal is without a doubt the greatest we’ve had in Tulum; we started with mushrooms, pita bread, open ravioli, the tastiest Australian lamb ribs, which are cooked to perfection at your table, and for dessert, a cake they gave us for our anniversary and an intriguing chocolate surprise.
The costs are really reasonable for the area and without a doubt worth every peso you pay.
We’ll be back shortly!
Paul Stewart
Sulligent, AL